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Video for “Faith is a Slippery Pig” f/Peter Boghossian

Here is the new video for my song, “Faith is a Slippery Pig” featuring the spoken word of Peter Boghossian – philosophy professor at Portland State University –  from his book, A Manual for Creating Atheists.

CherryTeresa – “Faith is a Slippery Pig” f/Peter Boghossian

Download the song for free on SoundCloud.

Purchase the book:
– Paperback
– Kindle
– Audiobook

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New song: “Faith is a Slippery Pig” f/Peter Boghossian

Here is my new song, “Faith is a Slippery Pig,” featuring the spoken word of Peter Boghossian from his audiobook, “A Manual for Creating Atheists”.

You can download the song on SoundCloud or here.

You can purchase Peter Boghossian’s book in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook.


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Video: “Unborn Ghosts” f/Richard Dawkins

“Unborn Ghosts”, featuring the spoken word of Richard Dawkins is now on YouTube.

Explanation of the song:

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New song: Unborn Ghosts

Here is my new song, “Unborn Ghosts”, featuring the spoken word of Richard Dawkins. I did this as both a tribute to and a way to share the beautiful words of Dawkins from
Unweaving the Rainbow
. As I’ve written about before, I want these words said at my funeral. Actually, now that this song exists, I’d like the song to be played.

Richard Dawkins has so profoundly changed the way that I look at the world – from applying skepticism broadly (not just to religion, like I had done before), to having a much deeper understanding and appreciation of evolution – that he’s actually changed my life.

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Video for “Imminent”

My song “Imminent” has been freshly added to the youb tubez. It’s not a real music video because that costs money.

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New song: Imminent

Here’s a new demo:

It’s a song I started composing last year when I was graduating and knew that meant my move to California was imminent. It was so close, yet so far away. Many things had to be done to prepare for it. I felt a mix of excitement and relief. I had to have discipline (or it would never happen) and patience (or I would go insane). It wasn’t just about the move itself but the optimism I had for the unknown that was about to transpire in a new location with new people. It was also about my reasons for wanting to leave where I was and the events and emotions leading up to that decision. I think this instrumental song sums up all of that better than I could with words.

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3 Songs with Dave Nenner

Here are some demos I recorded with Dave Nenner.
Redemption of You
The Anchor
New Day

Check out his music at: He has some other great projects he’s doing and it’s definitely worth checking out. 🙂

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Solo song – “You Oughta Know”

I recorded an instrumental piano version of Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” a few months ago.


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New musical project w/Dave Nenner

Dave Nenner – a musician whom a lot of people in the Baltimore scene would know from Truth Be Told (and was formerly in To A Science and Cylix) – has a new solo side project. I am excited to be working on new songs with him.

Here is the ReverbNation profile:
There will be some demos posted in the near future.

This is still in the very beginning stages. But tomorrow night, I will be playing a couple of songs with him and Steve Sladki. Here are the details:

Start Time:
Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 2:00pm
8066 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD

I believe we go on around 9:00pm.

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New solo song: Sprout and the Bean

Here is “Sprout and the Bean”.


It’s also on my myspace music page and my playlist page.

It’s a Joanna Newsom cover.

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