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Skeptoid #400 “It’s Just Science” Music Video

Here is the new music video for Skeptoid’s 400th episode! I am happy to be a part of this video as a nurse, dancer, and posse member.

Skeptoid #400: It’s Just Science

Check out the Skeptoid website for the podcast, blog, and more. There is also a facebook page. The 400th podcast episode and the lyrics for the song are here.

Skeptoid shirt

Skeptoid is currently the 13th most popular podcast on iTunes in the “Science & Medicine” category. Congrats to Brian Dunning on his 400th episode and all of his success. He has helped provide the public with essential critical thinking skills and information.

Skeptoid on iTunes - #13 in Science & Medicine


Here are some photos from the shoot:
CherryTeresa in nurse costume-first pic Conspiracy Proof $100
Alien? CherryTeresa in nurse costume-2nd pic


Thanks to all the cast and crew. And check out NewRuleFx for your special effects props and equipment needs!

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Sundown Lounge podzine and other stuff

Sundown Lounge – a podzine by San Franciscan Larry Winfield featuring news, music, spoken word, and more – included my song “Unborn Ghosts” in episode 337 – “Another West Coast Showcase” last week.

Some small roles I played this year:

I’m briefly in Episode 32 of Skeptically Yours in a commercial about recycling. 😉

You can also see me for a quick moment in the SkepticallyPwnd video reviewing Phil Plait’s “Bad Universe”.

That’s it for the blips and bloops of me for now. Thanks to everyone for including me in their awesomeness.

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