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Photos and Video from Hello Kitty Con 2014

Hello Kitty Convention. Friday, October 31, 2014.
The Geffen Contemporary @ MOCA and Japanese American National Museum.
Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA. 

Cherry Teresa inside giant vinyl coin purse
The first Hello Kitty product was a vinyl coin purse in 1975. I’m standing inside a giant replica.

Kittypatra - tokidoki/Hello Kitty mashup statue
“Kittypatra” – Ten-foot tall Hello Kitty/tokidoki mashup statue.

Heather Henderson and I
Heather Henderson and I in Little Tokyo.

Hello Kitty Junkie blogger and tokidoki designer, Maria Fleischman
Hello Kitty Junkie blogger and tokidoki designer, Maria Fleischman.

Spray can by Dabs Myla
Spray can by Dabs Myla.

Wendy Hughes and I take a bento lunch break in Little Tokyo (photo by Heather Henderson).
Wendy Hughes and I take a bento lunch break in Little Tokyo.


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Video for “Faith is a Slippery Pig” f/Peter Boghossian

Here is the new video for my song, “Faith is a Slippery Pig” featuring the spoken word of Peter Boghossian – philosophy professor at Portland State University –  from his book, A Manual for Creating Atheists.

CherryTeresa – “Faith is a Slippery Pig” f/Peter Boghossian

Download the song for free on SoundCloud.

Purchase the book:
– Paperback
– Kindle
– Audiobook

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Skeptoid #400 “It’s Just Science” Music Video

Here is the new music video for Skeptoid’s 400th episode! I am happy to be a part of this video as a nurse, dancer, and posse member.

Skeptoid #400: It’s Just Science

Check out the Skeptoid website for the podcast, blog, and more. There is also a facebook page. The 400th podcast episode and the lyrics for the song are here.

Skeptoid shirt

Skeptoid is currently the 13th most popular podcast on iTunes in the “Science & Medicine” category. Congrats to Brian Dunning on his 400th episode and all of his success. He has helped provide the public with essential critical thinking skills and information.

Skeptoid on iTunes - #13 in Science & Medicine


Here are some photos from the shoot:
CherryTeresa in nurse costume-first pic Conspiracy Proof $100
Alien? CherryTeresa in nurse costume-2nd pic


Thanks to all the cast and crew. And check out NewRuleFx for your special effects props and equipment needs!

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Recorded episode of Virtual Skeptics #58

If you missed the live broadcast of Virtual Skeptics episode #58 which I guested on, you can check out their blog post with the video embedded in it. If you’re on a device where that doesn’t work, you can go to the direct YouTube link.

Here’s their pages, so you can stay updated on future episodes and join in on the conversation:


Brian Gregory is also the host and creator of Virtual Drinking Skeptically, so if you want to meet and chat with other skeptics, you can do so monthly on Google Hangouts.


Thanks so much to the Virtual Skeptics for having me on and being so cool. It was great chatting with people who do great work and have a wealth of knowledge in various areas of science and critical thinking. I had a blast and learned a few things.

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Sundown Lounge podzine and other stuff

Sundown Lounge – a podzine by San Franciscan Larry Winfield featuring news, music, spoken word, and more – included my song “Unborn Ghosts” in episode 337 – “Another West Coast Showcase” last week.

Some small roles I played this year:

I’m briefly in Episode 32 of Skeptically Yours in a commercial about recycling. 😉

You can also see me for a quick moment in the SkepticallyPwnd video reviewing Phil Plait’s “Bad Universe”.

That’s it for the blips and bloops of me for now. Thanks to everyone for including me in their awesomeness.

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Video: “Unborn Ghosts” f/Richard Dawkins

“Unborn Ghosts”, featuring the spoken word of Richard Dawkins is now on YouTube.

Explanation of the song:

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Video for “Imminent”

My song “Imminent” has been freshly added to the youb tubez. It’s not a real music video because that costs money.

Related Post:

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Lacey Conner – The Stranger

Last month, I was a part of the music video shoot for Lacey Conner’s new single “The Stranger”. Many of you already know who Lacey is, as she was the frontwoman for Nocturne, a contestant on “Rock of Love”, and the live singer for Lords of Acid on their tour last year (not easy shoes to fill, yet she did a killer job).

This new solo song is more mainstream and pop compared to her previous work, but it’s just as good. She is proving that she’s versatile and I love it when artists can switch things up and still be awesome.

Here is the new video. You will recognize other faces in here, such as Meegs Rascon (We Are The Riot, Coal Chamber), Brent Ashley (Wayne Static/Static-X, Orgy), Aaron Rossi (Ministry), Trevor Frederich (Combichrist), and more.

I think the video turned out well. Director Chad Michael Ward and the rest of the crew did a great job.

I’m part of the audience. You can’t really see me, but I had a really fun time doing it with everyone else there and am excited to be a small part of this video.

Here’s a photo of me on the set between takes at Perish Dignam’s studio:

Megan Mayhem encaged:

Skot Christ (Bassist of Mona Lisa Overdrive) on the fluffy heart seat:

One of Lacey’s fabulous outfits:

Like Lacey on facebook if you haven’t already! Not only will you be updated on her new music, but she also does a lot to help animals and is an all-around nice and awesome person.

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Should Trump Run?

There’s a site,, that’s polling people if Donald Trump should run for President. It says on the bottom that the site was not created by Trump. There isn’t much on Trump’s views are or any convincing reasons why he would be a good politician, other than some statements from his supporters. This interview from Good Morning America has now given some more information on his viewpoints, but not much.

George: Are you pro-choice?
Donald: I don’t want to discuss [that] right now, but you will be shocked when I give you that answer.
George: How can I be shocked?

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Video of me as a kid playing the piano

I have decided to share this somewhat embarrassing video of me as a kid playing the piano. My performance itself isn’t bad, but the huge bows and scrunchy are tacky. Come to think of it, I still wear clothes with big bows on them.

This was at a concert in Dayton, Ohio and I’m performing Sonata in C; 1st Movement by Mozart.

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