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FORMER President Bush.

To hear reporters say "Former President Bush" helps it sink in. It feels so good that he’s gone, gone, gone. He’s going to be in Texas and many miles away from me. Just him being less than an hour away from me when he was in D.C. was blehh.

To Bush: Annnnnd STAY out!

Great speech, Obama!

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Inauguration today

I can’t wait to see Obama get sworn in. The last time I was excited about watching a Presidential inauguration was 1993.

Supposedly, all hotels/motels in a 100 mile radius from the Capitol are booked. I live in Baltimore, which is close to D.C., and the rooms in this town are filled.

I imagine this is the excitement and hope people felt when John F Kennedy was President. Obama spoke in Baltimore on Saturday, and thousands of people came out on a cold, cold day to see him. Several exits of I-83 were closed, along with many other roads. I feel like this is how it should be when the President or President-elect comes to town. We should all be excited. The inauguration should be a huge deal.

I know there may be some people saying and wishing some nasty things upon him, but for the most part people are optimistic, from what I can tell. I am really proud of this country for choosing who I think will be a great President. I know this sounds corny, but I keep thinking about a lyric Tupac Shakur said in "Changes" – "We ain’t ready to see a black President". If Tupac was still alive today, he would have seen this happen. I know, it’s a random thing for me to think. But the thing is, most of the people who voted for Obama didn’t vote for him because they just wanted a black President in office. They wanted a great President in office and he just happened to be black – just like one candidate may have blue eyes and the other brown.

This inauguration today isn’t just historic because he’s African-American, although it is undeniable the importance of that fact. The underdog won. The one who actually seems to be making good on his word. Someone with amazing eloquence. A politician who has been putting partisan issues aside and appointing those he thinks will do the job right. Someone who understands and acts upon the importance of science and technology. And this shows that a grassroots movement can work.

Months ago, when I had decided to vote for him, I thought to myself that he probably wouldn’t be as amazing as everyone projected he would be if elected. I figured he probably is just another politician but that he was the best choice out of the two. But I feel like he really will be a great President. He’s already been taking lots of steps as the President-elect that have impressed me. I really hope that I am right. I have been watching some of his podcasts and I think it’s great how much he wants us to be informed about what he’s doing. I don’t think anyone is making him do this. I read the letter he wrote to his daughters about why he’s taking his family on this journey, and it really touched me. I rarely ever feel like that.

I know that Rush Limbaugh outright said he hopes Obama fails. I think that’s absolutely absurd. If McCain had won, I wouldn’t hope he failed. I would want him to still make the best decisions. It’s not about this side vs. that side at this point. It’s about America not failing. If you hope that Obama does a bad job, then you are hoping that America fails.

I just hope people will realize that we have a lot of huge messes to get through. We didn’t get into this overnight and it’s not going to be fixed overnight. We might not see dramatic changes in the first year or even in the first term. But I do believe that Obama is really focused and determined to get as much done as he can.

I am listening to the inauguration video on Facebook/CNN while working from home.

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Fall 2008 grades: I am jumping up and down!

I have been obsessively checking the school website to see what my grades for this semester are. I just checked and I got As in both of my classes! I can’t believe this! I knew I would ace my Information Security class. But I thought I was going to get a C in my C++ class. I thought I would be super lucky if I got a B in it. But I got an A! I cannot believe this. The class was a lot of work, the teacher made everything very challenging and really pushed us. And it was a 4 credit class.

In the C++ class, I got 100% on every single LAB project/homework assignment all semester long. But I got a C on the midterm, which was a lot of points. And then there was my final project, The Memory Game, which I never got the grade for because it was turned in the last week of class. That was a lot of points – almost as much as all the lab/homework assignments combined. And I know that I didn’t do too well on the final exam, especially since I was sick (thanks to my severe allergy to poinsettias) and the exam was four hours long. And this teacher does not curve and said he never has. So that means I actually earned the A that I received.

I am so pleasantly surprised! I’m ecstatic, proud, triumphant. I am celebrating this weekend. (I just hope that he didn’t make a mistake and then my grade will be changed later, haha).

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iPod Touch
iPod Touch

Mine! =)

iPod Touch- piano app

I’m such a geek. Since I got this, I’ve been a WiFinder – seeing if there is a WiFi connection just about everywhere I go.

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Jorma and Akiva finally get facetime on SNL!

You may not realize it, but Andy Samberg is actually part of a trio called "The Lonely Island". They had already achieved some internet fame before being recruited to SNL. If you check out You Tube, there are a bunch of hilarious skits and music videos from the early to mid 2000s. Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer have all been working as writers for SNL for a few years now but Andy is the only cast member. It's still not a bad gig, I mean this is an Emmy award winning group (they are responsible for all the Digital Shorts, including "D in a Box", which is what won them the Emmy). But it's so sweet that SNL finally gave them real face time!
When I say "real" it's because you may have seen Jorma and Akiva on the screen for a couple seconds just thinking they were random extras.
For example, in "Giraffes" the face of the guy on the screen (with missing eyes and brains getting eaten) is Akiva.
You see Jorma walking by, chomping on lettuce at the end of the digital short "Lettuce". He is the boom microphone holder wearing a vest who appears in front of the camera and vomits in "Jam the Vote" and "Everyone's a Critic".

I could go on and on about how much I love these guys and about all the funny videos they've done, but you can easily find them if you're interested. Here is the video that was aired on SNL this past Saturday (probably NSFW, even though this aired on TV at 12:40am):

This season of SNL has been really funny. I know it has its ups and downs and there was a period recently where it was boring except for when something The Lonely Island related was being aired. But between the great guest stars and political satire, I have enjoyed myself. I think there is a great cast, with one exception – Casey WIlson. She is a featured player and I realize that means she might be less experienced than the others but she's awful. She gets on my nerves. She overacts and is never funny and hasn't done one even half decent impersonation of anyone yet. And she's had plenty of chances. For some reason, she's been in a disproportionate amount of skits – not just for a newcomer, but period. There are some episodes where she is in almost every skit and it makes me wonder why.

Anyway, the Lonely Island is coming out with a CD, Incredibad, on February 10, 2009. Yes, I will own a copy. 😉

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Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! I had a small and simple, but good meal with my mother. She’s been having some medical issues lately, so she wasn’t able to make her famous dinner. So I tried to help out as much as I could. She baked the bread and cooked the turkey, while I took care of the rest of it, like the side dishes.

Some of the things I am thankful for:

  • My Friends and Family: You know who you are. You help keep me sane. Or at least make me feel like I’m not completely crazy.
    I’m glad that I’ve gotten a chance to be on good terms with my mother and that we’ve gotten to know each other better. For years, we were on really bad terms but we’ve become much more understanding of each other compared to the past. And we get along so much better.
    And Mandi, I’m glad we were able to reconnect this past year. I know you’re moving to Vegas soon, but at least we’ve been able to bond again before you leave. I don’t know what I’m going to do when you leave, haha. But I’m happy for you.
  • My Job: I somehow ended up working for a good company. I had been a temp there for a while and in January, they hired me. I wasn’t originally meant to end up being employed there. I was just there to do some clerical work. I don’t even have a degree, which almost everyone there does (except for some of the call center employees). But my boss was open minded enough to give me a chance because I showed that I knew a lot of stuff already and was also a fast learner in the things I didn’t know yet. I get some great benefits and they treat us well for the most part. I get to work around some cool people. Most of the people I work around have this nice combination of hip but professional. And I’m lucky enough to have a boss who is very understanding about my mom’s health issues and he doesn’t give me a hard time about missing work due to helping my mom. It’s also in a cool location in Brewers Hill.
  • My education: I’ve been fortunate enough to go back to school this past year and not only have a chance at a better future once I get my degree, but I’m learning things in which I’m actually interested. I’m lucky enough to have some great teachers and to have met some interesting other students. And most of my friends, family, and co-workers are very supportive of me.
  • Music: With so much going on in my life right now, I don’t get to record or perform nearly as much as I used to in the past and definitely not as much as I wish I could. But I’m glad that there are people who haven’t forgotten about me during this time. And that I’ve still gotten some opportunities to do projects and collaborations with other great musicians.

I was planning on going to work tomorrow. It’s not required, but it would be a floating holiday so I’d be able to use that as paid time off later. But I have so much to get done, I don’t even know if I’ll go.

Some of the things I’ll be doing over the Thanksgiving weekend:

  • Finishing up lots of schoolwork. With the end of the semester approaching, there is a lot of work due. Most of what I have to complete are projects due in my C++ programming class. One of the programs due next week is a memory game. It’s similar to this: Sure, it’s not a very complex game, but writing the code for it is harder than some might think.
  • Attending this show on Saturday:

I hope everyone is doing well and is having a great Thanksgiving!


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My bday, Halloween show

I know I haven’t updated in a minute. This always seems to happen to me when I have the most things going on in my life to report. That’s when I don’t have time to post because I’m busy living life.

My 27th Bday:
It was fun and low-key this time. I just had a few close friends with me at the bowling alley. Yes, rock and bowl birthday. Fun times.

I thought a few years ago that this would be a year I would have a freak out. But I did not. Yay to me. Why would I have possibly freaked? When I was younger, 27 seemed like a landmark age.
For one, lots of influential musicians have died at this age. I didn’t think at any time that I’d be dying at 27 or anything like that. But I’d look up to these artists for accomplishing so much and so if they were able to achieve that by age 27, then that must not be all that young. I also thought of them as much older. What’s weird is when I think about people such as Kurt Cobain or Jim Morrisson, both of whom were my age when they passed away, I still think of them as being older than me. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that they were the same age. Even when I think about Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, who were 24 and 25 when they died, I still think of them as being older than me.

The age of 27 also held significance because of other random other things that I can remember. When I was in high school, Limp Bizkit were the biggest selling rock band at the time. And I remember people discussing how it was weird how Limp Bizkit didn’t really get famous until Fred Durst was about 27, which they claimed "is so much later in life than other rock stars".
Back when I was in my first "real" rock band, I remember having a discussion with one of my bandmates. He asked me how much longer would I want to be out there regularly playing shows before calling it a day, settling down, and getting married. He said if he didn’t get a record deal by age 27, then he was calling it quits. [He has not called it quits and he is 29 🙂 ].

But I know that 27 isn’t old by any means. I have barely gotten my feet wet in my life. Sure, I’ve done a lot of things that I’m proud of/happy about, but there are many more that are yet to happen. As you live life and time passes, your perception of things will evolve and change, and the age 27 isn’t really so scary to me anymore.

Angel Dust @ Fletcher’s on Halloween
Angel Dust, my Faith No More tribute band, played Fletcher’s on Halloween.

Angel Dust’s members: Brandon Thomas (of Phantom Communique and formerly of Bleed the Dream) – vocals, Boyitz (of 7 Days Torn) – bass, Dawson (of Heroes of the Dawm and formerly of Victory Twin) – drums, Derrin (Heroes of the Dawn) – guitar, and Me (keyboards).

I thought we rocked, haha. The other bands were awesome as well. It was great to see Keith Thompson front a band in Ghouls Night Out! The vibe from the crowd was great, most of the people there were in costume, and I saw some friends of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while. I love Halloween. I was dressed as Lil’ Red Riding Hood.

Here are some pics from the show. The rest are in this MySpace photo album.

It looks like Angel Dust will turn out to be one of those one time things. We were planning to play a couple shows a month just for fun, but Brandon has decided he’s moving back to L.A. again.

There are more cool things that happened, but those are the main things.

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My trip to Atlantic City

My trip to Atlantic City was just what I needed. I was only there for a short stay: from Sunday, August 3 – Tuesday, August 5. I’m taking more time off sometime next year so I didn’t want to use up too much vacation time from work. But I couldn’t wait that long. With the different things in my life I’ve been juggling, I just needed a break. I needed to get my feet in the sand.It was awesome to spend time with Mandi. Even the car ride was fun. We basically relaxed during the day. We laid on the beach but didn’t really swim because the water was cold. There was a pool at the Red Roof Inn we were staying at, so we swam there. I haven’t done that in years because I’m really embarrassed to wear a bathing suit – even a one piece. But I found this awesome cherry tankini top with this skirt bottom that flatters me better than other bathing suits I had in the past. So I wasn’t super shy being in a bathing suit for once.

We didn’t get to walk up and down the boardwalk or go on rides while we were there because I was still in pain from the car accident. I’m actually still in pain right now.

We went to a few different casinos at night, such as the Trump Taj Mahal and Harrah’s. They are all pretty much the same inside except for at Taj Mahal we saw mostly older people and at Harrah’s, we saw more people around our age. We played the slots and blackjack.

The slots are mostly the same thing but just have different pictures and themes. But we walked past this one slot machine that had an Elvis Pig! He’s sooo cute! The game was called “Rich Little Piggies”. Not only were the pigs cute, but the game was actually different from the other slot machines. If you get three bombs, all these things happen. I posted a video that shows part of what happens.

I’d like to go back there or to Ocean City, MD for a couple days before the summer is over. I’d go during Labor Day weekend, but I’m sure many other people have that same idea so traffic is going to be a headache and the motel/hotel prices will be really expensive. So that’s probably not going to happen.

Oh yeah, and one other thing. My sinuses cleared out when I went to Atlantic City! It was fantastic. But they’re back again since I’m in Baltimore.

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Temporary Relief is Better Than None

  + + =   : )

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My maroon enV 2 phone!

I just received my new phone yesterday evening. I have an enV 2, which means texting is now so much easier! I have the maroon version (matches my 93 Volvo 240 classic, hehe).

verizon-lg-vx9100-env2-3.jpg image by cherryteresa enV2-hand.jpg image by cherryteresa env2-hand-side.jpg image by cherryteresa
env2-hand-diagonal.jpg image by cherryteresa env2-keys.jpg image by cherryteresa
env2-calendar.jpg image by cherryteresa IMG_0125.jpg image by cherryteresa env2-text.jpg image by cherryteresa
All the pics in this post are shots I yoinked from the internet. There wasn’t much sense in me taking my own since it’s the same thing.

IMG_0131.jpg image by cherryteresa IMG_0134.jpg image by cherryteresa IMG_0136.jpg image by cherryteresa
As you can see, it’s not that big of a phone. But not too small to the point where it’s annoying or hard to use. It’s not much bigger than a regular flip phone. (I had a razr and it’s about the same dimensions, only slightly thicker). And it’s smaller and thinner than the original enV. (And, of course, has more features and can save more texts).

My pink Razr was just fine. A lot of people complained about that phone. I had the v3m version and I didn’t have the issues other people talked about. However, I really wanted a phone with a qwerty keyboard. I’ve been starting to text more and it was tedious to tap the buttons several times for one letter.
My only complaint so far about my phone is really more a complaint about Verizon – which is that their software cripples the phone for Macs. There were more features I could have synced between my Razr and iMac if I had the non-Verizon version. But at least with the Razr, I could sync my contacts through bluetooth. I can’t even do that with the enV 2. I can get my computer to recognize it, but all I can do with it is use my phone’s connection to go on the internet. I can’t sync my contacts through bluetooth and I was hoping I could sync my calendar, but I can’t. That sucks. I like Verizon overall except for their seemingly anti-Mac ways. There might be some hacks that come out eventually, but I haven’t been able to find anything yet. This is probably because the phone is new.

It was between this, the Samsung Alias, or a Moto Q. I’m happy with my choice so far.
If I had ATT&T and more money, I would have just gotten the iPhone, of course.

Edit: June 21, 2008, 12:31 PM – I figured out how to exchange information via bluetooth to my mac. 🙂 Yay. I just found that it’s done differently than with my Razr phone. I can exchange files such as music and photos and I can import or export the contacts by sending a Name Card that will then add to my Address Book. That’s different than syncing it but I’m still glad the option exists. I can send a vCal file for each of my calendar events. When I click on the vCal files, they open up iCal, but iCal won’t recognize it yet. So I just change the .vcs extension to an .ics extension (by simply typing .ics at the end where in place of .vcs) and it works in iCal.

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