Here are photos and videos of the Richard Dawkins/Neil deGrasse events I attended on September 28. I was waiting until the video was released before I posted about this, so here you go (Videos and descriptions from

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science ( ) presents: “The Poetry of Science: Discussions of the Beauty of Science.”

Two of science’s luminaries converse on the beauty of science. Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and host of NOVA and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins will explore the wonders of the Cosmos and of Life, its origins, its inspirations, and why science is not just an option, it is the only reality we possess.

Link to the video:

I really liked the way Neil deGrasse Tyson handled the troll at the very end. The dude was obnoxious and insisted that he ask his question, even though they were out of time. When they finally decided to let him ask his question (probably to avoid a big scene), he tried to be defiant, but I’m still kind of confused as to what point he was trying to make.

Here I am being a nerd and meeting Richard Dawkins 🙂

I saw Christopher Hitchens there, which made me feel good. I know he’s really sick and the odds aren’t in his favor, but it’s good to see that he’s still able to have some sort of life.

My friends and I went to Chinatown to get some yummy lunch in between both lectures. We saw one of Ray Comfort/Kirk Cameron’s people handing out the “real” version of On the Original of Species in front of the auditorium. No comment.

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science ( ) presents: “Dialogue of Reason: Science and Faith in the Black Community.”

A dialogue with Richard Dawkins, Anthony Pinn, Sikivu Hutchinson, Todd Stiefel and moderated by Mark Hatcher concerning the role of faith and science in the Black Community. Faith has traditionally played a significant role among African Americans, while science has been marginalized. It is time to confront the issues that have kept too many Blacks out of the halls of science and confined to the pews.

Link to the video:

You can briefly see my friend Rob and I at a little after the 1 hr, 7 min mark.

I rather enjoyed some of the questions asked at the evening event.