Sundown Lounge podzine and other stuff

Sundown Lounge – a podzine by San Franciscan Larry Winfield featuring news, music, spoken word, and more – included my song “Unborn Ghosts” in episode 337 – “Another West Coast Showcase” last week.

Some small roles I played this year:

I’m briefly in Episode 32 of Skeptically Yours in a commercial about recycling. ūüėČ

You can also see me for a quick moment in the SkepticallyPwnd video reviewing Phil Plait’s “Bad Universe”.

That’s it for the blips and bloops of me for now. Thanks to everyone for including me in their awesomeness.

Video: “Unborn Ghosts” f/Richard Dawkins

“Unborn Ghosts”, featuring the spoken word of Richard Dawkins is now on YouTube.

Explanation of the song: http://cherryteresa.com/wp/2013/01/29/new-song-unborn-ghosts.

New song: Unborn Ghosts

Here is my new song, “Unborn Ghosts”, featuring the spoken word of Richard Dawkins. I did this as both a tribute to and a way to share the beautiful words of Dawkins from
Unweaving the Rainbow
. As I’ve written about before, I want these words said at my funeral. Actually, now that this song exists, I’d like the song to be played.

Richard Dawkins has so profoundly changed the way that I look at the world – from applying skepticism broadly (not just to religion, like I had done before), to having a much deeper understanding and appreciation of evolution – that he’s actually changed my life.

Video for “Imminent”

My song “Imminent” has been freshly added to the youb tubez. It’s not a real music video because that costs money.

Related Post: http://cherryteresa.com/wp/2012/02/23/new-song-imminent

New song: Imminent

Here’s a new demo:

It’s a song I started composing last year when I was graduating and knew that meant my move to California was imminent. It was so close, yet so far away. Many things had to be done to prepare for it. I felt a mix of excitement and relief. I had to have discipline (or it would never happen) and patience (or I would go insane). It wasn’t just about the move itself but the optimism I had for the unknown that was about to transpire in a new location with new people. It was also about my reasons for wanting to leave where I was and the events and emotions leading up to that decision. I think this instrumental song sums up all of that better than I could with words.

New Server, SoundCloud

Hello, world! CherryTeresa.com is now on a new server and has an updated theme to its design. The transfer has mostly been completed, but if you notice a few bloops and bleeps along the way, it's in the process of being corrected.

If you subscribed to my blogs or updates, you may have been unsubscribed unintentionally during this transition. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you'd like to subscribe, you can do so below:

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I am now on SoundCloud. Let's be friends!


3 Songs with Dave Nenner

Here are some demos I recorded with Dave Nenner.

Redemption of You

The Anchor

New Day

Check out his music at: http://www.reverbnation.com/davenenner. He has some other great projects he’s doing and it’s definitely worth checking out. ūüôā

Video of me as a kid playing the piano

I have decided to share this somewhat embarrassing video of me as a kid playing the piano. My performance itself isn’t bad, but the huge bows and scrunchy are tacky. Come to think of it, I still wear clothes with big bows on them.

This was at a concert in Dayton, Ohio and I’m performing Sonata in C; 1st Movement by Mozart.

New Site Design

Hello, everyone.¬†www.cherryteresa.com has a new look and design. I know I’ve neglected it for a while and haven’t posted much in my blog, but I plan to change that.

The main change for some of you reading this is that my blog is now self-hosted using the WordPress.org platform. I considered using WordPress for a while, but was really¬†hesitant¬†due to the fact that I love my livejournal friends and communities. I’ve been using the lj platform since 2002 (through deadjournal, originally) and have spent a lot of time customizing my page. It has been a great way for me to keep up with my friends and I’ve been able to really learn more about you on lj than on facebook, twitter, myspace, friendster, or any other current or past ‘social networking’ site. And there¬†are some of you I met¬†because of lj that I may not have ever known otherwise.

But after the company was bought out, it just hasn’t been the blogging leader it once was. It’s not like lj sucks, but I did some research and decided that changing it to the WordPress platform was right for me.¬†Part of the reason I haven’t posted much on lj lately is because of the lack of certain options and features.

I’m friends with most of you on other sites, so I don’t think that we will lose touch.¬†Because there are a few of you who do not have facebook or twitter, I will keep my lj account open and use a plug-in that automatically posts my blogs to¬†http://cherry-teresa.livejournal.com. It will link you to the original post, so that you can comment. I will also keep it open because I want to continue reading¬†your posts and¬†occasionally¬†post to communities. I still haven’t found another blogging site with as strong of a community as I have on lj.¬†And besides, I’m just not ready to give up on livejournal completely just yet. ūüėČ

If you subscribe to my blog or updates through my mailing list, I’m sorry for the duplicate emails over the past few days. It shouldn’t happen anymore and it was from importing the journal to the new platform.

Oh, and one more thing – My site now adapts if you are viewing it from a cell phone, so it’ll make for easier reading if you aren’t on a computer.

Recher Theatre – September 17

I will be making a guest appearance with Skitzo Calypso this Friday.
This will be the first time we’ve performed P.S.L.A in five years.
Come out! It’ll be a great time.

Check out www.rechertheatre.com and www.skitzocalypso.com for more details.