Solo song – “You Oughta Know”

I recorded an instrumental piano version of Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” a few months ago.


“Cheerleaders Vs Zombies” Trailer

Here is the trailer to the movie I did earlier this year. I’m only in it for a split second (shortly before the 1 min mark). But hey, it’s not about me. Look how good the movie looks for an indie film on a shoe string budget. 😉

New musical project w/Dave Nenner

Dave Nenner – a musician whom a lot of people in the Baltimore scene would know from Truth Be Told (and was formerly in To A Science and Cylix) – has a new solo side project. I am excited to be working on new songs with him.

Here is the ReverbNation profile: http://www.reverbnation.com/davenenner
There will be some demos posted in the near future.

This is still in the very beginning stages. But tomorrow night, I will be playing a couple of songs with him and Steve Sladki. Here are the details:

Start Time:
Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 2:00pm
8066 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD

I believe we go on around 9:00pm.

Recher Theatre – August 21

To those of you in Baltimore, please come out to Recher Theater on August 21. I will be making a special guest appearance on a couple songs with my former band mates in Skitzo Calypso. Candace from Another Lincoln will be appearing on a song as well!

New solo song: Sprout and the Bean

Here is “Sprout and the Bean”.


It’s also on my myspace music page and my playlist page.

It’s a Joanna Newsom cover.

New/Old songs on the music page

The other day, I posted some more songs, which you can hear on my music page.

There is a newer song, which is an instrumental version of “Desperate Leaders”, a song I recorded guest keyboards with Skitzo Calypso.


The rest are older songs that were recorded a few years ago but weren’t on my project playlist player. (By the way, the original version of “Desperate Leaders” is on the player as well. The CD it’s on – “Burning Down An Empire” – is now out and available on iTunes).

I’ve recorded some new music (collaboration and solo) and they will be posted once they’re ready.

The journal page has recently undergone a makeover. The best part is, no more annoying frames. If, for some reason, you’re still seeing frames when you go to that page or the photos section, please refresh.

Thank you and I hope everyone has a fine 2009! =)

Angel Dust @ Fletcher’s on Halloween

Angel Dust, my Faith No More tribute band, played Fletcher’s on Halloween.

Angel Dust’s members:

  • Brandon Thomas (of Phantom Communique and formerly of Bleed the Dream) – vocals
  • Boyitz (of 7 Days Torn) – bass
  • Dawson (of Heroes of the Dawn and formerly of Victory Twin) – drums
  • Derrin (Heroes of the Dawn) – guitar
  • Me (keyboards)

I thought we rocked, haha. The other bands were awesome as well. It was great to see Keith Thompson front a band in Ghouls Night Out! The vibe from the crowd was great, most of the people there were in costume, and I saw some friends of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while. I love Halloween. I was dressed as Lil’ Red Riding Hood.

Here are some pics from the show. The rest are in this MySpace photo album.

It looks like Angel Dust will turn out to be one of those one time things. We were planning to play a couple shows a month just for fun, but Brandon has decided he’s moving back to L.A. again.

“Desperate Leaders” – New song recorded w/Skitzo Calypso

Here is “Desperate Leaders”, a song I recorded over the summer with Skitzo Calypso. I am not back in the band; It’s just a song I worked on with them.
The song was produced at Secret Sound Studios and recorded by John Grant. I’m playing keyboards, Brad Cox is on vocals/guitars, Michelle Cocca plays the violin, John Grant provided the cello sounds, and Tony Correlli brought the beats.

Desperate Leaders

New songs “I Found Out” and an unfinished demo

Today, I posted two songs on my myspace page (www.myspace.com/cherryteresamusic). One is “I Found Out” and the other is an unfinished demo that is… well, not finished. This is mainly because the story is still to be written. I don’t know exactly how the song is going to turn out because this situation in my life is still happening. But I felt like posting what I had done so far.

“I Found Out” was a song I wrote and performed solo when I was a teenager. It is basically about how some guys have unhealthy fetishes for Asian women. I recorded it a few weeks ago but decided today that maybe I should share it, haha.

I Found Out – I Found Out

Unfinished Demo – Unfinished Demo

My new MySpace MUSIC profile